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If you are a frequent traveler and animal owner, you are probably aware that there are pet friendly motels that you can bring your dog or cat to while you are on the road. If you hate leaving your pets at a boarding shelter while you are traveling, you would be wise to find pet hotels along your route so that your beloved family members can stay with you. Many dog friendly hotels allow canines up to a certain weight with no extra deposit. Some pet friendly motels do require a deposit, and larger pets and reptiles are not allowed. When in doubt, it is best to ask the reception desk of the hotel you are inquiring about.



Before you book your rooms, check that your pet friendly motels are accepting pets matching the weight of your animal. Some pet hotels will require that you keep the animal in a cage in your room, and most dog friendly hotels insist that your canine is kept on a leash at all times when it is outside of your room. Our easy to use guide can help you to find the best lodging that is both convenient for you and comfortable for your animals.  You might also want to bring a favorite dog blanket or cat bed or pillow along with you so that your pet will feel right at home when you are travelling.


If you plan to be away for long periods of time, you might reconsider bringing along your animal to pet friendly motels. Some animals do better at home with a sitter than traveling around to various pet hotels. When you reserve a room at dog friendly hotels, you will want to ask what the policies are regarding animals, and whether there is a deposit. Most overnight lodging establishments will always allow seeing-eye dogs no matter what their pet policies are. Good luck in finding the best place for you and your cat or dog to get a good nights’ rest!

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