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Everyone who owns a dog, cat, horse, or even a reptile, knows that pet meds can end up costing a bundle. We are here to help you find the lowest prices online for all types of pet medicine available. Did you know that you can bring your veterinarian’s prescription to an online store and purchase the same pet medications at lower prices? Our easy to use guide will help you to locate the best values on all your pet meds needs.

If your dog or cat has a treatable illness, you are probably very familiar with the current price of pet meds. You may be looking for pet medicine that is as simple as flea control products, which you can purchase without a prescription. Other pet medications such as antibiotics, pain killers, tranquilizers, and more will need a prescription from your veterinarian before you can purchase on the internet. Keep in mind that you are not required to purchase your prescriptions directly from your vet.

Below you will find our merchant partners that offer the best deals on online pet medications. If you are unsure which pet meds you need, visit your veterinarian first to find out what your cat or dog should be taking. Not all pet medicine is prescription-strength, and you may find better deals and discounts here than you would in your local pet supply store. Products like flea and tick control, heartworm, vitamin and mineral formulas and more are all easy to buy, and many companies offer free shipping or discounts when you buy in bulk. Visit our partners listed here, and enjoy shopping!


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